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You need advice?
Call us at +49-4161-66928-60
Call us at +49-4161-66928-60
Mo-Fri from 9.00 am to 5 pm, CET.

About BestSilver

The history of BestSilver started in 1998, when JR-International Innovative Health Products was formed by Joerg (George) Reeh. The company being formally renamed in 2010 as BestSilver GmbH Co. KG

From the beginning we focused on practical methods to help resolve medical issues without tablets, pills or pharmaceutical medication. Solutions that are affordable for the consumer.

During 2000 we heard of a silver fibre that was being used in Japan to help stop foot odour in socks. Soon we realised that Silver had many more medical applications with products which could also be promoted as natural method to help resolve medical problems.

By 2002 we had created Best4Feet® socks as the natural alternative therapy for athletes foot, hyperhidrosis, eczema and, yes,  bad foot odour.

Silver could finally help prevent various problems from which many people suffer. A nice bonus: silver helps too the 80% of  females who suffer, due to the evolutionary development, from cold feet.
During our trading period the silver product range has been continuously extended with silver gloves, underwear, dermatitis pyjama for children, bedlinen, soft toys, runner socks, trekking socks an more …

BestSilver is always committed to providing European quality. All BestSilver products are produced within the EU, and where possible in Germany.
We always limit the use of all natural resources where possible: minimising all packing materials and transport routes.
There are no lavish company cars or leather chairs in our offices.

Customer Service
At BestSilver we don’t have a dedicated customer service hotline or external call centre. We provide a toll-free number which you are welcome to call, you will then talk directly to a member of the BestSilver personnel.
BestSilver puts its full trust in its customers. That is why you have the right of 30 days withdrawal of an order, there is no additional cost for online payments and we provide free return of merchandise.
If you have any comments good or bad you are invited to write an e-mail direct to the company owner  jreeh at bestsilver dot de With your help and assistance we have already launched 3 new silver products that have been developed based on medical hints of our clients.


The BestSilver Personnel:

Michaela Richter, responsible for order processing, shipping, technical purchase, telefone consultancy (curently no photo)

Georg Haase, substitute for order processing, shipping and assistance (curently no photo

Jule Thumser, responsible for press and social media 

Jörg (George) Reeh, responsible for sales domestic and export, telefone consultancy and everything else. 


BestSilver is located in Buxtehude, a city west of Hamburg in the north of Germany. More information in the film:


Contact us

You need advice? Call us at +49-4161-554713 (no callcenter!), Mo-Fri from 9.00 am to 5 pm, CET.


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