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Call us at +49-4161-66928-60
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Cortisone free alternative for a healthy skin!

Medical Silverwear

Ease sufferings of Dermatitis, Psoriasis. Reduce Perspiration. Avoid Eczema


  • Ideal to ease the sufferings of Dermatitis. Please see details below
  • Thanks to the antimicrobial properties of the pure silver, bad odours are being stopped within one hour.
  • The silver heals eczema and is anti-mycotic.
  • Reduce perpiration by promoting the evaporation of moisture.
  • Temperature regulating: warm in winter, cool in summer.

Specialty: seams and stitching outside.

To get a free sample swatch of the Best4Body fabric, please click here!
Read more about all the medical applications of next-to-skin silver textiles and click here

Oekotex Siegel 

care silver shirt, short sleeve

Made in Germany

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