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SilverButler - hygienic hand wash anytime, anywhere

Product no.: 23100

SilverButler - antimicrobial cleaning tissue made from 100% silverfibre

SilverButler is a tissue made from parachute silk, consisting of 100% silverfibre*. With it's about 30x30cm, it matches any handbag or pocket. It enables a hygienic hand cleaning where ever there is no washbasin and soap available.


  • hygienic "anywhere" cleaning of hands: just rub with the SilverButler your hands, much as you do with water and soap. Thanks to the natural antimicrobial properties of silver, 99% of common bacteria are removed (Laboratory conditions with NZRM 2857). SilverButler - a must on travel!

  • during the Flu season or any other epidemic it is important to wash hands more often to prevent infection and distribution. SilverButler is always ready for a hygenic handwash any time, any place.

  • fast ease of sunburn and burns of 1 degree: moisten SilverButler with water and apply on the burned area. Thanks to the temperature regulation of silver, it's cooling and transports excessive heat off the skin.
  • first aid on wounds: moisten SilverButler with water and apply directly on the wound. Thanks to it's antimicrobial properties, silver helps to avoid infections and promotes a faster wound healing.
  • easy "dry cleaning" of fruit and vegetables


*Owing to its antimicrobial properties, the biocidal agent silver (CAS no. 7440-22-4) inhibits bacterial growth in and on the textile and stops unpleasant odours caused by bacteria.

How to use SiverButler (25 sec.)


from 7,96 EUR
unit price 9,95 EUR

19 % VAT incl. excl. Shipping costs

Shipping time: 4-6 Days

Scaled prices:
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3 - 6 pcs. per 8,96 EUR
from 7 pcs. per 7,96 EUR

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This Product was added to our catalogue on Friday 08 July, 2011.

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