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Warming insole with 5% silver fibre

Product no.: 40100

Warming insole with 5% natural silver fibre - no more cold feet!

You have tried already everything? hot baths, heating pads, heated insoles, extra thick socks? and you still have cold feet?

This insole will terminate the problem! It is much more than protection from cold from the ground. It is actively warming your feet!  No batteries, wires or external power source required.

Thanks to the insole lining, containing 5% silver fibre, it will reflect the bodies warmth until the core termperature of 37° is reached. Result: No More Cold Feet!

Upper: 95% PES with 5% silverfibre* - Base: PE foam
For all sizes up to shoe 46, cut to size with enclosed template

 Hergestellt in Deutschland

*Owing to its antimicrobial properties, the biocidal agent silver (CAS no. 7440-22-4) inhibits bacterial growth in and on the textile and stops unpleasant odours caused by bacteria.

from 7,96 EUR
unit price 9,95 EUR

19 % VAT incl. excl. Shipping costs

Shipping time: 4-6 Days

Scaled prices:
1 - 2 pcs. per 9,95 EUR
in this volume only 9,95 EUR per 1 pair
3 - 6 pcs. per 8,96 EUR
in this volume only 8,96 EUR per 1 pair
from 7 pcs. per 7,96 EUR
in this volume only 7,96 EUR per 1 pair

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This Product was added to our catalogue on Thursday 19 June, 2014.

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