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Call us at +49-4161-66928-60
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Reduce perspiration - Stop bad Odours - Temperatureregulating - Woundhealing

Workwear with silver

Skin protection recommended by German Health & Safety Associations

Do you have to wear safety shoes, rubber or latex gloves? Bullet proof vests, insulating cloths or liquidity proof overall like this painter here? If "YES", then please read more:
Where ever protective clothing needs to be worn, earlier or later skin problems will come up: extreme perspiration and consequently bad odours; leading to wounds and chronic eczema. This may damage the skin in a way that people can work only under pain.
Finally: the treatment with cortisone (risks and side effects have to be calculated) and if this doesn't help: re-training for another job.

This doesn't need to be!

Wherever protective clothing has to be worn, also Best4Body® silverwear, Best4Feet® silver socks and Best4Hand silver gloves are necessary to protect you from the above mentioned problems.

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