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Is Silver Safe? Is the silverfibre safe?

Silver is widely used today in medical products and in consumer products. In fact, the very first drug most people receive when they are born is silver nitrate, in the form of eye drops. Today, silver is used in everything from burn care products for infection control to eating utensils. The best colloquial example is the abundance of silver fillings for dental repair (although there has been a movement away from silver because of the dangers of the mercury that was used with it in the past).

The silverfibre

is extremely safe because it is made with pure silver. Prestigious institutions throughout the world have validated the antimicrobial performance and safety of silverfibres in published medical journals.

Are some people allergic to silver?

Some people are allergic to silver jewelry and make the assumption that they are allergic to silver. On the contrary, silver jewelry is made of an alloy called sterling silver? and the people are allergic to the various other metals in its makeup. The silverfibre is made with pure silver! there have been no documented cases of allergies to pure silver.

What kind of testing has been performed on the silverfibre?

The silverfibre is registered with the EPA and has more than 12 years of published clinical research supporting its safety and claims. It is also used in many of Class 1 and Class 2 FDA approved medical devices. The top medical institutions in the world, including Johns Hopkins and the National Institute of Health, have tested, approved of and currently use silverfibres. Further tests have been conducted in Germany by TUV-Rheinland (ESD safety) and the German Textile Institute Thueringen-Vogtland as well as the Dermatolgy Clinic of the University of Osnabrueck, a leading institute on the research and therapy of occupational skin deseases.

Should I be nervous about using an antimicrobial?

Yes, if it is not the silverfibere. The silverfibre is not like other antimicrobial products. First, silver is natural and there is no fear of toxicity which can come with chemical fibre additives like Sanitzed or amicor. Second, silver has all of the requisite regulatory approvals. Third, silver is not just an antimicrobial. It happens to be the best antimicrobial product, but it also has many other valuable attributes.

Where do I get BestSilver garments with silverfibre?

In Germany from Pharmacies, Home Care shops, Foot Care Centers, Dermatologists, Medical Suppliers, Occupational clothing stores or direct from BestSilver's Online-Shop at
UK, France, Netherland, Finland, Sweden, Poland, please refer to our partners, listed on this site.

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